Add tone to your conversation.

We're excited to introduce Tenor!

As our product and company grew, we wanted our name to grow with it. Tenor came out of how you, our users, told us you use our product. It allows you to add tone to your conversation and convey precisely what you want. It only made sense to change our name to Tenor to reflect how we're helping you express what you truly mean to say.

Tenor apps

Tenor's GIF Keyboard app is available on iOS, Android, and Mac, letting you seamlessly share into all of your conversations.

GIF Keyboard for iOS

GIF Keyboard for Android

GIF Keyboard for Mac

Tenor everywhere

Tenor's also brings visual expression to chat and community platforms of all kinds. You can find Tenor integrated with Facebook Messenger, Kik, Twitter, Slack, and many others. Learn more about our API here.

How our users are using GIF Keyboard